Open your shopify-logo store with game keys

  • without any programming skills
  • without any graphic skills
  • without having to search for stock

How to start?

There are only 3 easy steps to start selling the game keys and activation codes for software. The whole process doesn't require any programming knowledge and won't take you much time.

  1. Create an online store on the Shopify platform and customize it to your needs with intuitive wizards appearance of the store or use one of the templates.
  2. Integrate with one of the payment systems
  3. And finally, install our app dedicated for Shopify, thanks to it you will have full access to stock from the digital game platform and the ability to earn money immediately.

Start selling game keys today! With our dedicated app for Shopify, it's easy!

Open your game store

How does the app work?

Integrate with

This app allows you to integrate your store with the digital game wholesale platform.

Automated the codes delivery

When a customer buys a game code in your webstore.
The Code purchased on the CodesWholesale platform is then sent to the customer.

Reserve supply

You can use the app to purchased codes only when you are out of stock.

Full access to supplies

No need to waste your time searching for stock and buy codes manually.

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Main features

Simple app integration

You don't have to be a programmer to integrate your Shopify store with the platform and automate stocking up.

Automation of orders

The codes ordered by your customers are purchased directly from and immediately sent to your store.

Automation of pre-orders

Any codes reserved for upcoming games for your customer wll be delivered to them on the games release.

Top-up information

An app notification will email you to remind you if your CodesWholesale account is running low.

Automation of price updates

Your shop prices are always up to date with market prices.

2 possibilities to establish profit margin

You can set the percentage margin or determine the amount to be credited.

The lowest prices

With the use of our app, you'll stock up with the lowest prices at No matter how many games you're buying.

Sales in the social media

Thanks to Shopify and CodesWholesale there's an opportunity to sell codes through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Start your own trading game business thanks to a ready-made solution

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